Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A day of changing scenery...

Got off to an early start today. Left Biloela at 8.30 and headed for Rockhampton. Flat roads, roadworks,  and trucks were the order of the day.  Stretched the tank all the way to Mount Morgan (no fuel stops in between) and was going to stop but it was too hot and the breeze on the bike wasn't cool, but it was better than standing still.

Not long after leaving I was just thinking that I hadn't seen any decent corners since Brisbane when I was suddenly staring down a brand new stretch of smooth bitumen that snaked its way down through a gorge.
Unfortunately, the run was short lived and within about 5 minutes I was back to the flat straight stuff again. I suspect the 40kph limit down the gorge was meant to make it seem longer but that only works if you stick to the limit.

Spent the rest of the day from Rocky on riding through cane fields and for once, the smell along the road wasn't road kill, but the sweet smell of sugar cane. Harvest is well underway and lots of activity with the cane trains.

Saw a number of hawks today. They tend to swoop down alongside the bike and dive just in front at the side of the road and then rise up quickly, usually with a rodent or a snake in their talons. Such a great thing to watch and not something you'd see in a car.

Traveled right through to O'Connell River (just short of Proserpine) and found a comfy little cabin kitted out with air-conditioning (cool, cool air) in a camp ground just prior to the bridge. Rode into Proserpine in the dark to get some groceries and wound up shopping in a darkened supermarket due to a power outage.
Day Route