Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Long hot day in the saddle....

Left it till after peak hour to hit the road this morning, although even at 9.30am it was still very much bumper to bumper.

Coffee and a pie for lunch in Blackbutt then on to Gayndah for a quick visit with my youngest brother.

Finished the day with a solid 3 hour stretch to Biloela, dodging wayward roos in the dark over the last hour (sunset around 5.30pm).

Broke my own cardinal rule of no travel after dark. It won't happen again.

Something to note: roadkill is easily detected at high speed on a motorcycle. The bouquet is especially fragrant in the Queensland heat and can be smelt for some distance.

Pleased with mileage so far. Getting 19 to 21 k/lt. Might be able to get away with carrying a 5lt fuel can from Cairns through to Adelaide.

Kaoko throttle lock is a godsend and will be looking for some highway pegs at next big town.

Kaoko Throttle Lock (the cog-looking thing towards the end of the bar)