Monday, 22 September 2014

Westward Bound...

Another long day today and it doesn't start well with the temp up to the early 30's by 9.00am. A quick visit to the bike shops in Townsville first to find a set of highway pegs to rest my legs and bum on the exceptionally long straights ahead.

They're not pretty, but they serve the purpose and do the job well.

So early in the day and the heat is unrelenting. So hot, and then, Charters Towers, a solid bout of absolute torrential downpour. The pile of rain gear I bought in Brisbane (that's been taking up space in the panniers) finally gets a workout.

In spite of the rain, it doesn't get any cooler, and the rain gear only serves to make me sweat profusely. It's at this point that I can attest to the Dri-Motion T-Shirts from Kathmandu (well worth the money).

There is so much road-kill to ride through, and in the heat you can smell it long before you get to it. Every bit of road-kill is being devoured by birds, crows, falcons, hawks, and eagles. Nothing goes to waste.

Ended the day in Hughenden at the Royal Hotel in a room with a view....

Today's route.