Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A tourist in Adelaide...

You see all kinds of Big this and Big that when you drive round Oz (usually fruit) but I wasn't expecting this first thing in the morning while cruising back out through the Adelaide hills.

I spent some time last night going over my maps and with great weather above I've decided to just meander through the hills at leisure and eventually make my way out to the Barossa Valley.

Couldn't believe this tree. It's huge. Looking at the base of the tree you'd swear it was dead, but look up, and she's full of life. Some old bloke lived in this tree for 5 years. I guess it was a bit more solid at the base way back then.

Coffee and a peppered steak pie at the bakery in Birdwood, and then off to Nuriootpa via all the vineyards for lunch.

Adelaide is such a beautiful place and the people are so friendly.

Shortly after heading out of town I pull up at a rest stop (too many coffees today) and run into a group of about 20 to 30 bikers on everything from scooters to Harleys. The youngest rider is in his late 60's and the oldest I'm told is in his late 70's. These are all retired blokes that get together EVERY Wednesday, rain hail or shine, and go for a ride. One of them is towing a trailer filled with food and when lunch rolls round they pull over, light the barbie, and dig in. A good keen bunch of blokes.

I spend the rest of the afternoon racing about in the hills and stop off at the Cudlee Creek Cafe mid afternoon and find it full of elderly motorcycle enthusiasts. I could spend all day up here but decide to head on back to town before the peak hour hits.