Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The calm after the storm...

The rain pelted down for all of last night and the wind sounded like it was going to lift the roof off. By the time I ventured out to load the bike in the morning, things were looking up.

Today's plan was to ride across the Snowy Mountains, through Thredbo and Jindabyne, and eventually wind up in Bega on the south-east corner of NSW for a few days of tearing up the corners in the mountains.

The ride across the Snowy's sees the weather quickly go from overcast and windy to a really beautiful day, and the extreme gale force winds and torrential rain from last night is so apparent with the roads into Thredbo strewn with branches and leaves and the remnants of trees that had fallen across the road (road crews obviously quick to clear them this morning).

Tallangatta to Thredbo is not much more than a tar-sealed goat track.... a narrow, winding road that wouldn't be so bad if it was one way. What would normally be a hazardous ride was made all the worse by tourists oblivious to other traffic and local wankers who fly along this treacherous winding route with no regard for what's around the corner. Thankfully, from Thredbo onward it opens up to a proper piece of highway.

The ski-fields in Thredbo
Lake Jindabyne
Snowy Hydro power generation plant
Mt Kosciusko
For all those demanding another selfie.... shades of Wilson.
Today's route.