Saturday, 4 October 2014

Track Day, Phillip Island...

I woke early this morning and then took my time studying the map book. 2 ways to Phillip Island, one involves a ferry, the other means a prolonged freeway journey through the City of Melbourne.

The weather has been all over the show lately, one minute hot, the next it's cold. I decide to go look for bike pants at Biker's Gear in Ferntree Gully which means the ferry is out and the freeway is in. The last time I was in Melbourne was as a young soldier back in 1977. It looks to have changed somewhat so I resort to using the GPS (for the first time in any serious capacity so far on this journey).

It's Saturday morning but the traffic is shocking. The one thing I notice on the freeway is that bicycles share the same road even though the speed limit is 110kph. There's certainly no shortage of health freaks out riding.

After what seemed like forever, I fight my way through the Bikers Gear store and grab a pair of pants, but the temp has climbed so high I wind up stuffing them into what little space is left in the top box, then head out to Phillip Island. I was hoping for a quite wander round the track, maybe a run round on the bike perhaps, but there was a local race meet on for some amateur car club so that ruled that out.

I headed off for the go kart track next door for a feed and to rethink the days activities and was joined by a cheeky peacock...

I waited in line for the go karts for quite some time only to find out that there was another 1 1/2 hours to wait after signing on. A pity cause the karts look so cool. I'm outta here, next stop Traralgon.

Today's route.