Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A day to re-tyre....

Found the tyre I want online and head across town nice and early to GC Motorcycles in the suburb of Prospect.

Arrived shortly after 8am and was asked to roll the bike straight into the workshop. Knowing that I was going to wait, they bumped a few of the other bikes in the workshop to do mine. I browsed the shop for about 20 minutes while they fitted the tyre. I was going to check if they had 90 degree valve stems but forgot. The guys were a step ahead and fitted one anyway (so cheap I bought another pair for the ST1300).

With the job done, the guy at the counter asked what I had planned for the day and as they were so quick I hadn't really thought about it. Out came the road maps and he gave me a 15 minute rundown on which roads would take me where. He gave me directions to a McDonalds for coffee till the traffic died down and I was away. Good price, great service, super friendly staff. (Note: old tyre was dead after just 7,000 k's).

For the first time on this journey the day is not about getting somewhere. Today I'm going wherever the bends take me. My new best mates at GC tell me I can go all day, never cross the same stretch of road, travel hundreds of kilometres, and never be more than an hour from the city.

I punch 400 kilometres of waypoints into the GPS and head off for an adventure. The weather is mild, it's overcast, and it could rain. Who cares today. I'm off. Destination: Birdwood.

By the time I get here the weather has closed in. It's now also quite blustery, very cold and not the best riding weather. Still, can't complain. At least the roads are well and truly bent. The hills go on forever and almost every road is chock full of tight bends and mountainous terrain.

Every town I've passed through has been 100 years old or more and full of character. Birdwood was settled in the mid 1800's and truly is a beautiful place. While wandering about I walk to the back of an old building and discover this is also the home to the National Motoring Museum.

How's that for homemade touring luggage? Wouldn't want to come off with that wrapped around you. 

Such a cool place to visit. I finish up with a coffee in a nice little cafe on the main street while I seek out somewhere to stay. I'm having so much fun I decide to book two nights so I can continue to explore the Adelaide hills.

As I head back out to the bike it starts to rain and by the time I get wrapped up in wet weather gear down it all comes. It rains for the next 30 minutes then clears as I head towards the motel in Glen Osmond. (Note: this is only the second time since starting that I've had to wear the rain gear)

It's been such a great day in the hills.